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Whistleblower regulation

This regulation is the implementation of the law of November 28, 2022 concerning the protection of reporters of violations of Union or national law established within a legal entity in the private sector. This document is the abbreviated explanation of the whistleblower regulation as applicable at the PVS Group. Not all details are included in this document. The full regulation can be found in the Whistleblower Policy available on the intranet under HR - Whistleblower. The reader in general and the whistleblower in particular is and remains responsible for fully informing themselves in advance. The abbreviated explanation can in no way be considered a shortcoming in the provision of information by PVS Group.

What is the whistleblower regulation about?

The whistleblower regulation makes it possible to raise abuses within the PVS Group that can be investigated further. If necessary, appropriate measures will be taken.

Does this regulation apply to me?

The regulation applies to anyone who identifies and wishes to report violations at the PVS Group in a work-related context. It concerns in particular:

What breaches can I report?

The regulation applies only to the violations stipulated by law. This concerns in particular:

How can I make a report?

A breach can be reported in writing and/or orally, even anonymously, through the PVS Group's internal reporting channel: PVS Group (sdwhistle.com)

I reported a breach through the internal channel, what happens to it?

The reporting administrator follows up on your report.

The reporting manager will acknowledge receipt of the report to you within 7 days and continue to follow it up impartially and diligently. The manager will contact you if additional information is needed and will keep you informed about the planned or taken follow-up measures and their reasons.

I have reported a breach, what are my rights?

Download our whistleblower regulation policy