A view behind the scenes .


We are a dynamic company with both basic and professional responsibilities. At PVS, we make work play, tackle complex challenges, work hard, high-five and celebrate. We’re risk-takers, fast learners and experts in our fields. Together, we’re redefining an industry in need of a shakeup.

PVS sales department


Having the right person to guide you through our vast amount of audio solutions is very important. Our sales department is therefore our first point of contact for our business partners around the world as well as domestic. They will provide you with expert advice, follow-up on orders and ensuring customer care at all times. To help strengthen the customer relationship, we are happy to help any customer at any time, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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PVS logistics department


To cope with our growth, we decided to invest in a new industrial location located in Stevoort, Hasselt. The new distribution centre has 13,000 pallet locations, is 18 metres high and is equipped with 10 loading and unloading quays. With this investment, we show that we are more than ever ready to continue the globalisation of its products and brands.

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PVS after sales department

After Sales

At PVS we like to provide our customers with a world class service during and after the purchase of our products. We have a team of specialized engineers at your disposal, ensuring a permanent and perfect performance of our products and applications installed in your custom projects and installs.

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PVS finance department


The Finance department of PVS makes a difference by constantly checking the business results and by being closely concerned with the company’s growth. Through the knowledge that is collected by finance and accountancy, the business has better insights into the partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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PVS marketing department


The focus of the marketing department of PVS lies in the value creation for the products. Any product that has been created in collaboration with the R&D department has a story. PVS’ communication team is responsible for translating this story into the right context. We plug the gap between your requirements and the products that we offer and try to help our customers any way we can.

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PVS product department

Product Management

Our Product Management will provide you with the best products possible and manage the entire life cycle of our products. From the initial assessment of the market’s needs to the design process of all our products to the actual product launch while continuing to offer a lasting service until the product’s end of life.

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PVS research & development department

Research & Development

We believe in solutions instead of products. This way, PVS always stays ahead of time. To be able to research and develop new technologies, PVS has composed a strong technical team of exceptional specialists. These highly motivated professionals are inspired every day to improve our products and to rock the audio world with our sense of innovation.

This 10-person team finds it very important to listen to the users and to exceed their expectations by providing innovative sound solutions beyond comparison.

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PVS quality control department

Quality Control

Our commitment to quality is rooted in our corporate values and is essential to our continued success. The development of reproducible formulas and reliable processes, by which our products are manufactured, are key to help sustain this success. We will meet our comprehensive “global quality standards” by continually testing our products with the most efficient techniques.

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