A vision for sound .

Core values

Since the very beginning as a small company in Belgium, PVS has evolved to become one of the world’s most innovative audio companies, specializing in AV solutions that make a difference in everyday life.

Today, we still stay true to our original foundations of thinking out of the box and offering reliable, great-sounding solutions. To maintain this ideology at all times, we gather exceptional talent with various beliefs, perspectives and backgrounds to share one common dream: changing audio for the better.

Surrounded by 70 audio enthusiasts, it’s our passion at PVS to listen to our users and exceed their expectations by providing functionalities and quality beyond comparison.

Presentation about us

Mission statement

Since its founding of PVS in 1983, professional audio systems have been the core of our business. Throughout our journey we have always remained true to that original philosophy: offering reliable, great-sounding audio products. PVS has mostly been active in the field of fixed installation markets, taking up projects regardless of the system's size or complexity, and that is why we have always been a landmark in this field.

Today we are still faithful to our founding principles and PVS is still a family owned company. Because our management comes from an engineering background, we have always looked for technically demanding challenges requiring innovative solutions.

Since last year we have been increasingly taking action towards the environmental aspect of our products. In this process, we encounter new challenges, such as lower power consumption, lower heat dissipation, longer life cycles, all new things that benefit the end user of our product and the environment beyond.

Our future mission still will stay true to our original philosophy, and we will also try to set new market trends like we have always have done.

The journey continues
Our brands

Our history

Foundation PVS NV

First global manufacturing

Switch in focus from retail to wholesale

Foundation AUDAC

Opening new headquarters

Foundation PROCAB

Development of world’s first steerable line array of 8m

Foundation CAYMON
Development of world’s first web based matrix

Accelerated international growth

Expansion of the PVS warehouse
First party at the Lakehouse

Opening AUDAC Experience Center

Start of expansion logistics center

Opening new industrial site located in Stevoort with total surface area of 55,000m²

€12M invested in Stevoort HQ for global expansion

Launch of the Atellio family product line